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About the Company

All solutions to any company problems start with the people. We are a consultancy which specialises in recruitment and retention for clients in real estate. That is where we have impact. We focus on the people who bring cities to life.  We were founded in 2008 and we have worked across the property life cycle since. We have helped clients in the UK, Europe, US, Australia, Middle East and Asia. 

We do not have individual commission nor individual rewards. We sweep away anything which gets in the way of teamwork and collaboration. We have a model which is shared, inclusive and rewarding.  

Our work has a major impact on improving lives. We are involved from planning, designing, and building a hospital, a school or a whole community which will last. We help clients to achieve carbon zero sustainability goals. We are involved in improving diversity and inclusion. We help in improve wellness and mental health. Our work produces results which walk through the door. That’s impact!

About the Job


  • You’ll receive a customized and comprehensive training and induction program with all the resources you’ll need for a quick integration of the real estate industry and its recruitment best practices.
  • You’ll find a grown up culture of trust, collaboration and high performance. 
  • You’ll be encouraged to use critical thinking and supported in creating your recruitment style.
  • You will be working in a positive work culture where the right balance between personal and professional life is valued.
  • You’ll find that collaboration and supporting each other is routine.
  • You will get the chance to improve lots of people’s lives starting with yours.

You’ll also get..

  • Flexible working -meaning you can work from home and have a better work/life balance.
  • A competitive compensation & benefits package
  • Opportunities for overseas travel and long-term career options abroad.

Here is what you’ll be doing…

  • When you take on a vacancy, you are in charge of the investigation to select the most suitable candidates for your client.  Like a detective, your first step would be to do lots of research to identify your initial list of suspects; sorry, candidates.
  • Then you’ll present your case, proposing each candidate, highlighting their strengths and the added value they can bring for your clients. Finally comes the interview stage when you get to confirm your first intuitions.
  • As you gain experience, your growth will be supported by more advanced training to enable you to manage the full recruitment process.

What you’ll need…

  • You are confident handling conversations on the telephone, you are resourceful and organized.
  • This, combined with your natural curiosity and eagerness to learn more about recruitment processes applied to a regulated industry such as real estate, will have you up to speed in no time.

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