Production Test Engineer

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The production test engineer is responsible for ensuring full testing and final assembly is carried out on vacuum detectors according to the customer specifications.

·        Testing various optical and electrical properties of vacuum devices

·        Fault finding, wiring and assembling detectors ready for shipment to customers.

·        Supporting Test technicians in their on-going training and day to day work

·        Ensuring that test procedures are documented, kept up to date and that test staff follow them.

·        Ensuring that sufficient due care is taken in order to maintain the required quality standard in all test processes.

·        Communicating problems and potential delays to the test manager in a timely manner

·        Seeking and investigating new methods and equipment in testing and assembly of vacuum devices

·        Helping the test manager to define and implement a regular calibration schedule for all test equipment

·        Supporting the Engineering Department in Corrective Action activities (when necessary)

·        Working with the R&D department on special test projects (when necessary)

·        Working with customers to resolve product issues in the field (when necessary) and arranging the timely repair of products returned by customers once an assignable fault has been identified.

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