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31st March 2020
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Portfolio Manager

About us
We are Alpha FX - an award-winning financial services firm, providing FX hedging solutions to medium and large businesses internationally.

Since our inception in 2009, our business has grown 50% year-on-year working in a matureand highly competitive industry. Today, we're a team of 100, transacting billions, and in April 2017 listed on the London Stock Exchange. Throughout our journey, there's one thing that has consistently set us apart - our people.

We're passionate about providing talented individuals with life-changing career opportunities and giving them the tools and support they need to fully take advantage of them. 60% of our team are Partners and we're committed to making new shareholders each year. This continues to be possible because, despite being a mature, profitable and high growth business, we've never stopped acting like a start-up.

The Opportunity

We are seeking ambitious individuals who are dedicated to changing their lives over the next few years, by working in a challenging but highly rewarding sales role. This is an opportunity for a self-starter - someone with big ambitions, but also the urgency and resilience to achieve them. Effort and potential are more important to us than experience, so if you're committed, we'll take care of the rest.

A hybrid position of business development and account management, as a Portfolio Manager, you will be responsible for building a portfolio of high-value corporate clients from the ground-up. This begins with sourcing and engaging c-suite decision-makers of medium to large businesses across an array of sectors. For each new sales opportunity you initiate, you'll have the choice of six mentors to support you through the process, enabling you to learn from the people you work best with and putting you in control of your development. These are people who know first-hand what it takes to be successful in the role - Partners who have grown their own seven-figure portfolios and have a vested interested in seeing you succeed. They will help you learn the business, your clientele and a range of strategies to add value to them. As you develop, your portfolio will continue to grow, and naturally, your position will move further into a blend of account management and business development.

Our team likens the role to growing their own business within a business, and this comes with all the accountability, demands and rewards you would expect. Commissions are uncapped, residual and received on every pound your portfolio makes.

As well as the support from your mentors, you will also have Alpha's award-winning technology, resources and approach at your disposal.

What I'll be doing

  • Researching and qualifying potential clients to build a database of leads. You will own the telephone - using it to engage and consult with C-level executives of medium-large businesses (£30m - £300m) across a diverse range of sectors. Cold calling will be your primary and preferred method of engaging opportunities.
  • You will learn your clients' businesses and work to explore and uncover key problems and challenges, whilst educating them on how Alpha's solutions can solve them.
  • You will work closely with analysts and strategists to build and present valuable risk management solutions to clients - in time learning how to develop these solutions yourself.
  • You will develop trusted relationships with your existing portfolio of clients to retain their business and grow your portfolio.
  • In time, you will learn how to deal independently for your portfolio of clients on the largest traded market in the world.

About you

Urgency - You've reached a stage in your life where you have a genuine reason to succeed and are prepared to commit fully to realise this. Alpha provides a rare opportunity to significantly change your life, but you have to accept that this also requires hard work and sacrifice. Nothing worth having comes easy!

Communication - Whilst sales experience isn't a prerequisite, the ability to engage people and communicate effectively is essential. You'll be working with C-level decision makers, so being able to get your point across concisely, with charisma, credibility and confidence is a must. You will also be a natural listener who can ask the right questions to uncover the right needs. This means bringing a genuine sense of curiosity to every encounter and caring about the value you provide.

Humility - There is no room for egos at Alpha. Everyone can learn something from someone and you need to embrace feedback. Nobody is the finished article and we look for 'learn-it-alls' not 'know-it-alls'.

Team Player - A career at Alpha is a lot of fun, but it's also hard work and that is why being surrounded by a like-minded group of individuals that support one another and enjoy each other's company is paramount. There is real community at Alpha, and being part of a shared vision and progressing together on this journey is what makes the job worthwhile.

Momentum - To put it bluntly, you get shit done and are accountable for making things happen. If we don't do it, someone else will and that's when we get left behind.

What we offer in return

  • Outstanding earning potential, with uncapped and residual commissions
  • Life-changing equity opportunities
  • Legendary corporate trips abroad
  • Uncapped and residual commissions received on every pound of revenue
  • Legendary corporate trips abroad to Las Vegas and Val D'Isere;
  • Quarterly celebrations;
  • Attractive share equity programme for team players that perform

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