Pension Fund Graduate Accounting Trainee

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Finance, Treasury and Investments

Ambitious graduates will thrive at Kent County Council. Our profession-based graduate programme is how the brightest become the best at what they do. This three -year opportunity focuses on the Kent Pension Fund. That means training to become a qualified accountant so thousands of people can look forward to a financially secure future. For you, this will also mean a permanent role within our Finance, Treasury and Investments team.

Together, we’ll handle the accounting and investments behind the Kent Pension Fund. That’s no small responsibility, considering it’s now valued at £7.6bn and is relied on by 600 employers. If that wasn’t enough, the team also provides Treasury Management to four local authorities (including Kent). That’s a further £800m of investments and £900m of debt.

For you, this means a wide range of duties. You’ll help us implement recommendations and policies after a recent review, and develop ever-better ways to run, monitor and report on funds. You’ll also get involved in evolving our approach to responsible investments.

It’s something that will involve working both on your own and in close collaboration with senior colleagues, including fund managers and actuaries. As time goes by, you’ll also pick up all the skills you need to cover for our Treasury back-office.

Since this is a new role, there’ll be new tasks and projects all the time. Plus, the Programme provides a strong emphasis on personal and professional development and includes full support towards the Accountancy Professional apprenticeship (Level 7).

About you

Innovative thinkers who see the bigger picture and have a fresh perspective are what we need. What you’ll bring to the equation is a 2:1 degree (or equivalent) in any discipline.

We need people who can communicate effectively. Organisers who can and do to the very best of their abilities. You will make a difference by building strong foundations that span IT, analytical and problem-solving skills and will have a positive, think what’s possible approach that speaks up when it can and listens and learns all it can.

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