NHS - Department of Health and Social Care Health Policy Fast Track Scheme

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London, Yorkshire, Leeds
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4th December 2018
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Graduate job

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The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) sets the direction for health and social care which directly touches the lives of everyone in the country - and with a growing population, that challenge is set to test our creativity.

You can be at the heart of our exciting mission when you embark on our newly-created Health Policy Fast Track Scheme, and set your career on a trajectory that will open leadership doorways across the public sector. As a Civil Service initiative, we’ve designed this scheme to create the senior leaders and leading policy makers of tomorrow. The knowledge and experience you gain will see you directly influencing how we use billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to lead the health and care system to help people live more independent, healthier lives for longer.

With us, you’ll experience a different way of thinking and working. We are a small organisation of 1500 people right at the heart of Government setting the strategic direction, devising the policies and making the laws that drive forward the Government’s priorities for the NHS and social care. We set the framework and the direction for a whole range of organisations with a combined workforce of over 2 million that are there to deliver services to the public. And as a key cog in this crucial mechanism, there’s no saying what the future holds for you.

The challenge
Over the course of three years, you’ll tackle some of the country’s most pressing challenges. From preventing pandemics to dealing with childhood obesity, you will be encouraged to get to grips with concepts that will change life outcomes. It will be hard work, but the resulting potential for a high-flying career will be worth it.

Based in either Leeds or London, you’ll be exposed to senior politicians, front-line services, think tanks, academia and stakeholder organisations. And across all interactions, you’ll be developing your knowledge of the three main areas of policy work: analysis and the use of evidence, politics and democracy, and delivery.

You’ll respond to emerging priorities and you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to embed policy standards – ultimately transforming life outcomes for the nation. We’re going to throw you in at the deep end, but with plenty of support and guidance, we know you’ll flourish.

The training
As an organisation that believes in treating people as individuals, it will come as no surprise that we promote the same tailor-made approach to our staff too. Every DHSC employee has individual training needs, so you’ll find that our approach to your development is refreshingly different.

Our Scheme offers a postgraduate qualification – which we will of course fund. You will then combine a mix of on-the-job learning, with informal and formal learning and structured education at the Policy Centre.

Our remit is complex, so to give you a real feel for the multi-layered challenges that we face, we’ll put you in a number of work placements. From joining an Arm’s Length Body to working in a Minister’s Private Office, you’ll get to experience the heart and soul of our work.

However you do it, you’ll come away from the experience with a professional qualification that will set you on the path to influencing policy deep within Whitehall. And at the end of your three years, we’ll help you secure your first Grade 7 post in DHSC.

Who can apply?
Quite simply, everyone. If you’re passionate about acting as a guardian of the next generation of health and social care services and defining the policies and standards that will address the needs of today and tomorrow, then you’ll be a natural fit in our team.

You’ll need to share our values – of being fair and inclusive, respecting diversity, remaining open and honest and respectfully challenging each other to build the best possible services – and you will be passionate about the potential that comprehensive policy-making holds.

There is a strong academic study element to the scheme, so you will need to be comfortable working with complex concepts, data and statistics, compiling this information, and analysing and explaining it. We’ll expect you to embrace whatever opportunities we present you with, and your inquisitive nature will prove invaluable to every placement and project.

You don’t need any previous relevant work experience, but you will need:
• A minimum 2:1 degree in any subject OR you will be an existing civil servant (no degree is necessary for this latter category)
• Comprehensive analytical skills, with the ability to use evidence to make sound judgements
• A passion for learning
• Excellent communication and collaboration capabilities
• A commitment to influence change that will make a tangible difference to the health and social care system

If you’ve got the vision to make a difference, you’ve got a unique career waiting for you at DHSC.

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