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Managing Lawyer – Biodiversity and Climate Law Projects – Remote Working

Job purpose

We are hiring a legal graduate to join The Lifescape Project, to play an integral role in our legal projects.

Lifescape Project is a start-up not-for-profit which designs and undertakes projects that support wildlife, rewild landscapes, and help to provide a future for all life on earth. We focus on ambitious projects that look at new ways of solving complex problems.

Projects fall into four categories: legal, finance, technology, and community. This role will focus primarily on our legal projects.

The Forest Biomass Energy project is working to develop an international legal strategy to combat the rise of forest biomass energy and its treatment as a zero-carbon energy source. Working with local NGOs across the world, and pro-bono legal advisers from some of the best regarded law firms globally, we seek to use the law to reverse the improper treatment of biomass energy as zero carbon and to put pressure on the biomass industry to reduce inherent biodiversity and climate risks.

The Scottish Beaver Protection project is a new project which seeks to reverse the Scottish government’s approach to beaver population management, including using legal options to reverse the decision to allow extensive population culling.

Lifescape’s work on Legal Mechanisms to Protect Nature includes working with pro bono legal advisers in multiple jurisdictions to develop and implement private law mechanisms to allow the long-term protection of ecological restoration work, where public law mechanisms (e.g. special protected area status, SSSI status, national park status) cannot be relied upon.

The successful candidate will be in an exciting and dynamic position as the second employee of Lifescape, with the opportunity to help shape the future direction of the Lifescape Project as a charity.

Working Relationships

The position will be line-managed by the CEO of Lifescape Project, Adam Eagle, and will work closely with him.

The Lawyer will have key relationships with Lifescape’s trustees (who remain involved in the day to day work of Lifescape), volunteers, interns, and pro bono professional advisers.

They will also work with the teams of Lifescape’s other projects. Involvement in those projects will be based on discussion with the successful candidate.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing and leading all, or significant parts, of our Forest Biomass Energy, Scottish Beaver Protection and Legal Mechanisms to Protect Nature projects, and aspects of other projects;
  • Biomass and Beavers – Managing other NGOs, law firms and Lifescape’s volunteers to develop our legal strategies and to take action in pursuit of those strategies;
  • Biomass and Beavers - Drafting legal advocacy briefings, research notes, presentations and other relevant materials in support of Lifescape’s work;

Biomass - Working with external lawyers to devise, design and carry out strategic litigation, often in partnership with local NGOs in multiple different jurisdictions globally;

  • Legal Mechanisms to Protect Nature – communicating our proposed protections to stakeholders in the UK and the EU and developing strategic partnerships with other NGOs who would make use of such protections;

Legal Mechanisms to Protect Nature – managing specialist pro bono advisers and volunteers to develop new legal mechanisms to protect nature in other European jurisdictions.

General - Assisting in the preparation of funding proposals and reports to donors and working on communications pieces.

This list is not exhaustive and the selected candidate will be required to undertake other relevant tasks. This role requires an ambitious and high achieving individual, able to take on high levels of responsibility as soon as they join the team.

Location -This position will be remote-working and will involve some international travel. UK residents and other candidates will be considered.

Person specification

Education and training
- Law degree (essential)
- Legal professional qualification (desirable)

Experience and knowledge
- Experience managing highly skilled individuals and teams (desirable);
- Experience with public law and litigation (desirable);
- Sound understanding of areas of environmental law (desirable);
- Experience working with civil society organizations and/or regulators (desirable);
- Experience working as a member of multi-stakeholder groups (desirable);
- Knowledge of legal systems of multiple countries (desirable);

Key Competencies
- English fluent/at CEFR Level C2 (essential)
- Outstanding written and oral communication skills (essential)
- Ability to manage a team to meet project goals but also to work independently (desirable);
- Demonstrated rigorous legal analysis and drafting skills (essential);
- Ability to prioritise numerous complex tasks (essential);
- Ability to speak on behalf of Lifescape at official meetings etc. (desirable);
- Ability to convey to a lay audience complex legal and procedural issues (desirable);
- Commitment to non-profit/public interest advocacy (desirable);
- Ability to build productive working relationships and collaborative multiple key players in environmental matters (desirable).

Salary: £25,000-£27,000, depending on qualifications, experience, and specific working arrangements (flexible working would be considered).

Please provide a CV and cover letter via the apply button below.


The Lifescape Project

We are hiring a dynamic and passionate lawyer to join The Lifescape Project, to play an integral part in our legal projects and to manage other aspects of Lifescape’s work.

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