Just Eat - Product Management Graduate Programme

Salary: £30,000 + benefits
Location: South West, Bristol
Start date: Sep-2018
Sectors: Computing & IT, Internet & Digital Media, Marketing

What do our Product Management graduates do?
• They shape products that are used by millions of customers and thousands of restaurants everyday, all around the globe.
• They develop innovative new experiences that our customers and restaurants love and can only get from Just Eat.
• They are driving the industry forward by being at the forefront of new technologies and developing creative partnerships.

Here at Just Eat we have a vast platform that supports not only our customers (the hungry people), but our Restaurant Partners too. As a Product Management Graduate, you’ll be part of a vibrant and high performing team responsible for developing and deploying world class products for both our Customers and our Restaurant Partners.

You'll experience using tools such as Tableau, Google Analytics and Optimizely as you work your way across our 3 main Product Management teams.

What will you be working on during your Product Management graduate programme?
During your graduate programme you will get the opportunity to work in three areas:

Consumer Product Development
Work on Just Eat’s payments systems to identify product improvements that are both valuable and usable. We collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders across the business to come up with creative solutions and test our ideas with real users.

Partner Product Development
Responsible for developing and deploying world class products to help our Restaurant Partners manage and grow their businesses. Data and Insights are at the heart of everything we do and we’re constantly looking to improve the product portfolio as well as develop new and valuable products.

Product Research
Focuses on longer term opportunities for Just Eat that will improve the experience of our customers and restaurants. We’ve recently been working on Xbox ordering, Virtual Reality, Apple TV, Facebook messenger, Chat Bot and more.

“Joining Product Management from a non-tech background definitely has made for a steep learning curve, but I've had great mentors and direction from the very beginning which made it very manageable. I'm currently part of the Branded Restaurants Group and my team mainly works on delivery, which is a fascinating problem to solve in itself. Add to that the fact that I've been given a lot of responsibility from the start and the opportunity to make an impact from leading meetings and giving presentations (in front of the whole department, in my second week on the job... I know) to coordinating with other countries adopting the tools we are developing, and it made for an awesome experience thus far. All those things and the great, happy community around here makes me come into work with a smile every day (the constant free food might be a contributor too).” - Chuck Paiusi, Product Management Graduate

To find more out about your support network, community and career prospects at Just Eat, head to our careers website using the Apply button where you can explore our “Careers” and “Community” tabs.

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