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Want to start your career as a Software Developer?

hackajob partnered with Wiley Edge, a company that pairs great graduates with brilliant global businesses. Their clients include tier-one investment banks and other organizations across a range of industries, from insurance to healthcare to travel.

Paid graduate training, ongoing support, and opportunities at leading global employers – the Alumni graduate program gives you everything you need. (And don’t worry, there’s no training bond. No exit fees, no hidden catches).

How the Alumni program works:

-Get trained at Wiley Edge Academy in an online class for 4-8 weeks with other graduates. --Focusing on either Java, C++, Q & KDB+, C# & .NET, or GoLang, depending on which coding languages their clients are looking for at the time. 

-Join a Wiley Edge client for 12-24 months while receiving support and salary increases every 6 months.

-The vast majority then convert to permanent employees with the client at the end of the program. 

What you’ll learn at the Wiley Edge Academy: 

-How to design, develop, and test a full-stack application.

-How to demonstrate professionalism, including communication skills and personal interactions.

-How to explain industry concepts at a high level.

-An understanding of monitoring, supporting, and troubleshooting, and how it ties into good development processes.

What you'll get:

-Fully paid, in-depth, interactive training in small classes with graduates like you. Their training is created and delivered by industry experts who know your field inside out.

-A generous graduate salary.

-Pay rises every 6 months to reflect your progress.

-A flexible benefits package including gym membership.

-Ongoing training and support.

-Valuable industry experience: a foot in the door to building your career in an in-demand niche.

What you’ll do:

-As a software developer with Wiley Edge, you’ll build complex applications in a global team environment. 

-You’ll love seeing the impact you make when the code you’ve written launches to the people who need it. If you stay on the lookout for new ways to get better results through software development, you’ll become an asset to your team. 

What you need:

-Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a related STEM subject (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) or relevant experience (e.g. software development bootcamp)

-An understanding of OOP (object-oriented programming).

-Knowledge of software engineering principles (data structures, OOP, design patterns, multithreading).

-Skills in troubleshooting and debugging.

-Knowledge of database concepts (SQL, stored procs, schema design). 

-An understanding of the formal SDLC (software development lifecycle). 

-An understanding of test-driven development. 

How to apply:

  • Click the "Apply now" to access the company page.
  • Press the button "GET MATCHED" where you will create an account for the chance to get matched to this role, and similar opportunities.

You need to be eligible to work in the UK:

-Candidates must have been based in the UK for 5 years

-Candidates must hold a UK passport or ILR or settlement in the UK

Wiley Edge takes great pride in celebrating the diversity of each and every individual who contributes to making Wiley Edge the company it is today and will be in the future. They value diversity both within Wiley Edge and with their partner companies, and they're proud to provide an environment where all their colleagues can flourish. That means promoting a strong culture of equality but, most importantly, inclusion. They never want people to change - only add to the amazing mix of people that work for Wiley Edge.

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