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hackajob partnered with Oxbotica which is changing how the earth moves and they want graduates to help them drive that change.

About the Oxbotica Graduate training program:

The Oxbotica Graduate training program will broaden and deepen your knowledge and provide hands-on training from day one. You will learn and work with industry experts and this opportunity will set you up for a great career at Oxbotica. You will work with the full autonomy platform and then have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of their technology stack. There is a transportation revolution coming and you can be at its origin. If you have a technical background, are curious, and want to learn and contribute from day one to make the earth move - come join Oxbotica!

What will they offer you?

  • A unique 1-year learning opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary and diverse technology teams, with exposure to the entire stack for thier autonomy platforms that will give you the best platform for a career with them here at Oxbotica.
  • Working closely with world-leading experts in the technology that powers our self-driving vehicles.
  • The best cutting-edge training available in autonomous vehicles technology and software development.
  • Hands-on experience working on autonomous vehicles in multiple domains running on Oxbotica’s world-leading Autonomy platform.
  • They'll upgrade your coding abilities to work on the most challenging problems and contribute to the autonomy platform right from the start.
  • Scope to work on individual projects
  • Be a part of a fast-paced work environment that will constantly challenge you to learn and develop.
  • Work on products that have clear customer benefits.
  • The opportunity to have a well-rounded foundation for a career in software development and the autonomous vehicles industry.

At Oxbotica, they’re fuelled by a bold purpose: to make the Earth move!

From passenger shuttles to industrial vehicles; from congested city streets to mines, their industry-leading autonomy software platform enables any vehicle to operate itself safely, securely and efficiently. They call it Universal Autonomy. It is changing how people and goods move.

they are a world-class team guided by a shared vision to bring the benefits of autonomy to their customers and users. Using their skills, experience and diversity, they are solving the most exciting and important technological challenges of our times and creating a safer and more sustainable future for people and our planet.

Their 250+ (and growing) team members in the UK and Canada are building, scaling and commercializing thier universal autonomy software to serve immediate market and deployment opportunities

How to apply:

  • Click the link below to access the company page.
  • Press the button "GET MATCHED" where you will create an account for the chance to get matched to this role, and similar opportunities.



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