Free Venatrix Webinar - Startup vs Corporate.. What is the difference?



"I didn't get onto a graduate scheme" | "There are so many jobs out there I don't know what to apply for" | "I'm not getting any feedback from interviews" | “I want a career change, what next?”

Are these thoughts that you are currently having?

Well if you are graduating in 2022 and feel unsure of your next steps but know that you want to join a company that...

- Invests in your training

- Gives you a clear path of progression to follow

- Offers a basic salary of over £30,000 + commission in year 1

OR, you are already in a role but you are interested in learning more about SDR life in a start up company?

We are hosting a FREE webinar Tuesday 24th May at 6:30pm for 60 minutes where ALL attendees are guaranteed the following:

  • Learn about one of the most lucrative industries for entry level individuals, with starting salaries from £40,000-60,000 (OTE)
  • Understand how to get yourself one of these jobs in 3-10 days.
  • Meet a Sales Development Representative who is doing the role right now!!
  • Gain insight into Corporate world vs Startup world

This event is hosted by Liv Adams Venatrix - Talent Manager and guest speakers Richard Lane, Account Executive and Breeha Hussain Sales Development Representative, who both made the jump from Corporate world to the startup world!

Liv will be walking you through the Venatrix process, how Venatrix can support you to find your dream graduate job and some insight into Corporate vs Startup world. Richard and Breeha will be giving lots of information about the SDR role and share their experiences of what life looks like as an SDR post making the jump from Corporate to Startup!

Message a member of the Venatrix team directly on LinkedIn to get your discount code to attend this event for FREE!

We look forward to seeing you there :)

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