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16th December 2019
Start date:
September 2020
Job type:
Graduate job

Engineering and Technology (IET) Graduate Scheme

Entry requirements

Candidates must already hold or be on track to achieve a minimum of 2:2 Batchelor’s or Master’s degree in electrical, electronic, systems or mechatronic engineering or a closely related subject accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Duration 2 years

Location London (various locations – placement dependent)

Job overview
Our Engineers focus on the assets that form the foundation of our transport system. London never stops and the engineering challenge which we face in modernising and upgrading our systems has been likened to undertaking open heart surgery on a patient while they are running a marathon!

Your work will span multiple transport modes, working with stakeholders and suppliers to deliver large scale projects and enable reliable operation of one of the world's leading transport networks. Our projects include new rail lines and extensions, new river crossings, congestion relief enhancements at major stations, development of traffic control technology, multi-discipline system upgrades, and preparing for transport “game-changers” such as electric and autonomous road vehicles.

What will I be doing?
As a graduate, your two year development programme will be made up of up to eight placements, each typically lasting three months. You will also undertake a series of short front line experience ("FlEx") placements in order to appreciate the perspective of Engineering’s internal operations and maintenance customers.

Our aim is to equip you with the range of skills and experience you need for your successful career. We also understand that everyone's career and ambitions are different, so every graduate's journey with us is unique.

You will be asked to express a preference for one of the following streams on application:

Electrical Engineering
This covers all aspects of the electrical assets that keep London's transport system moving. Your placements could include design of rolling stock upgrades, specification of electrical systems for stations, testing and commissioning for a new signalling system upgrade, delivering power systems for a railway extension, or assuring the safety of new electrical installations for traffic control systems.

Systems Engineering
This involves working across all transport modes, helping us to get the most out of our assets and to deliver the most cost effective and efficient projects. Your placements will include Systems Engineering and Systems Integration on our major schemes, working at all phases in the project lifecycle from outcome definition through options development to design, delivery and subsequent system operation. You will also have the opportunity to get involved in developing strategic and policy objectives into specific schemes and to work with our transport innovation team to help prepare London’s transport network for the advent of new technologies.

Technology Engineering
This includes using new and emerging technology to solve complex technical problems by applying engineering judgement to support delivery of a wide range of engineering projects across TfL, from delivering Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality training aids to creating systems to support autonomous vehicles. Your placements could include work on signalling and control systems both on the street and on rail, or supporting the development of our telecoms networks such as CCTV or emergency phone systems. There is also a strong focus on protecting our systems through effective and appropriate cyber security measures.

Whatever your preference, you will undertake a range of challenging placements in order to gain an overview of the transport system and find out the area of work which best suits you. Subject to meeting the core requirements of the stream which you have preferenced, you will have exceptional freedom in building your own scheme, selecting opportunities to learn and deliver work that suit your skills and aspirations.

What do we look for?
Everything we do as an organisation is aimed at ensuring that our evolving city remains future-proof for millions of Londoners. Our talented graduates form a vital part of that vision, so it's essential that we find the best people to help us do this.

  • We're looking for people who have:
    • An inquisitive mind
    • A creative approach to problem-solving
    • A curiosity to understand the root cause of a problem, developing cost-effective solutions, whilst still striving for ways to improve and refine

As a member of the team, we'll give you responsibility and the opportunity to add value from day one. If you are excited by inspiring and influencing the future of London and the future of transport, are up for a challenge and thrive under pressure, then this is the career path for you.

Where can this career take me?
Our Engineers have the opportunity to make a huge impact. Upon completing the scheme we would expect you to progress into one of our functional engineering teams, aligned to a specific engineering discipline or specialist area. You will then continue to develop your craft as an engineer through a series of assignments across TfL, progressively taking on more challenging roles in order to build a core competence in the functional area you have chosen.

Within five years, we would expect you to be taking on more responsible assignments, leading engineering teams and liaising with internal and external stakeholders to deliver complex projects. This experience in turn will facilitate your application for Chartered Engineer status. Graduates can go on to undertake engineering management roles on multi-discipline projects of national importance, directly improving the experience of the travelling public and transforming how London moves.

What development and support will you get?
Whilst on the scheme, we'll support your technical development through a wide range of on-the-job practical experiences and placements. We'll also support your professional development through a combination of classroom-led training courses, online training courses, mentoring opportunities and structured networking opportunities with scheme alumni. You will receive one-to-one support throughout the programme from your scheme sponsor and your mentor. You'll also be connected to a 'buddy' who will be either an existing second-year trainee or a recent alumnus from the scheme.


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