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23rd October 2019
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The award-winning Fast Stream is the leadership development programme that develops the highest potential graduates to become the future leaders of the Civil Service. Joining the Fast Stream offers the unique opportunity to make a difference to the whole of society. The Civil Service supports the government of the day to implement its policies effectively. Fast Streamers help to shape the decisions that will affect everyone’s lives and to deliver the public services that we all rely on.

Diplomatic Economists work on some of the most diverse and rewarding projects in government. As a Diplomatic Economist Fast Streamer your work will allow you to focus on both country specific projects as well as thematic projects that look across international borders. This will place you at the heart of global macroeconomic policy and international relations.

You will work within the Foreign and Commonwealth office (FCO) assessing programmes and analysing emerging trends in areas such as inequality and globalisation.

Diplomatic Economist Fast Streamers are placed in a wide range of roles with the primary purpose of making sure foreign policy is underpinned by sound economic analysis. No two Diplomatic Economists will share the same career path and you’ll spend a large part of your career overseas. You could end up working on post-conflict reconstruction or manage relationships with our biggest trading partners.

As economists, it is always important to convey our work beyond the boundaries of our profession; working in the FCO provides an excellent learning opportunity for developing these skills.

Diplomatic Economists have outstanding access to development opportunities through the Diplomatic Academy and Government Economics Service. These services provide a large and diverse array of courses, from macroeconomic and international trade refreshers to master classes on trade policy and how to communicate effectively with ministers.

In your first year, there will be 5 weeks of required learning in the basics of how the FCO works and diplomatic tradecraft. The minimum starting salary is £28,000.

We support applicants with health conditions, learning difficulties and disabilities, with their applications and through their Civil Service careers. We operate a Guaranteed Interview Scheme. If you have a disability and meet the minimum qualifying criteria for your chosen scheme, you may choose to skip part of the first stage of the assessment process.

You can choose up to 4 scheme preferences when you apply to the Fast Stream. So, whether you are looking for your first graduate role, seeking to return to work, or change profession, the Fast Stream is the ideal place to progress a meaningful, fulfilling career.

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