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Join our China Learning Experience

Your Safe & Supported Route to Teaching in China. See China with your own eyes and kickstart your post-uni life alongside a group of adventurous grads through our 10-month China Teaching Experience.

China is an obvious choice for adventure-seeking grads looking for something truly different. Shrouded in mystery, it’s a country of contrasts, with no end of things to discover. From the glamour of Shanghai to the authenticity of Guizhou, it’s full of opportunities — to travel, explore and expand your horizons.

On this 10-month teaching adventure, you’ll experience modern China in all its vibrant glory. You’ll dive headfirst into the mother of all new cultures, test the boundaries of your comfort zone, and gain the kind of knowledge and confidence that’ll make you stand head and shoulders above the crowd. What’s more, you’ll do it all alongside a group of equally adventurous Travel Grads.

This is the opportunity for you if:

  • You’re in (or have just graduated from) your final year of uni and are ready to go out there and see the world in a unique, challenging and eye-opening way.
  • You’re fascinated by Chinese culture and want to see and experience the country for yourself.
  • You’ve explored other ways to teach in China, but the horror stories have led you to seek a safe, easy and supported route that’s anything but stressful.
  • You want to try teaching and gain hands-on classroom experience in a chilled environment.

Is that you? Great! We’ve got you.

Our overseas partners can only accept applicants from the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia & NewZealand. Please only continue with your application if this is the case.

A bit about us...

Since 2014, we’ve been connecting globally-minded grads with exciting alternatives to the traditional ‘grad job’ we’re all bored of hearing about. After starting our own careers abroad, we discovered the world has so much more to offer than life at home — and we’re all about helping you see and experience it.

We’ve designed our services to create a safe, supported way to catapult yourself into the unknown.

It’s not as scary as it sounds with us in your pocket: we’re here to guide, support and advise you every step of the way, so you can be sure you’re making a great decision.

“China Teaching Experience has been excellent. The support provided is second to none on the market & I'm still getting checked up on 2 & a half years in! I came to China adamant I’d only be here for 1 year… I struggled in the first few months coming to terms with being away from home. I overcame this with help from China Teaching Experience & honestly they settled me down. I’ve had the experience of a lifetime & it’s all thanks to these guys making sure I was placed here with my friends.” — Daniel

What does China Learning Experience entail?

Our 10-month China Teaching Experience is your fully-supported, hassle-free route to teaching English in the Middle Kingdom. Including thorough step-by-step guidance from a team that’s been where you are, it’s the foolproof way to embark on a safe and meaningful adventure.

Find a legit job you can trust

We’ve partnered with honest, reliable schools and agencies with your best interests at heart. You’ll receive your full monthly salary, comfortable housing, and a legal working visa, so you can make the most of your experience without the niggling concerns.

Take control of your adventure

From the major to the more rural cities, you’ll have the chance to teach in almost any region you like. Tell us your preferences during the application process, and we’ll use our network and knowledge of China to place you in a city where you’ll feel right at home.

Skip the confusion, fast-forward to the fun

We’re here to guide you through all the confusing stuff — from gathering legal docs to applying for your visa. We’ll tell you which hoops you need to jump through and when and keep you updated on any regulatory changes, giving you peace of mind you’re doing it right.

First-time teacher? Happy Days!

A 120-hour online TEFL course will bring you up to speed with the need-to-know best practices and classroom management hacks before you leave. You’ll arrive in China with the know-how, confidence and energy to do an amazing job. Trust us, you’ll smash it!

Make friends for life from day one

Around 80% of Travel Grads are solo travellers. If that’s you too, know that you’re not alone. You’ll meet your fellow grads in a WhatsApp group before heading off, so you can chat, meet up and land in China with a ready-made group of friends with whom to share your journey!

Experience China for yourself

It’s time to see what it’s really like. You’ll witness the intoxicating blend of old and new, explore Insta-worthy gems you never knew existed and experience dynamic cities that literally never stop. It really is as exhilarating as you’ve heard, and you’re about to become a part of it. Buzzing!

Your Placement Options

Whatever kind of experience you’re looking for, we’re here to make it happen. The China Education Association for International Exchange has vetted and approved all our partner schools and organisations, so you know you’re in good hands.

Standard Option

You’ll work in a school in a big city like Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou or a smaller city like Foshan, Guiyang, Nanning.

  • School: Public school
  • Position: Foreign English Teacher
  • Schedule: Work at one school
  • Accommodation: Included
  • Salary: Roughly £1000 per month
  • Extras: (Reasonably priced) two-way flight reimbursement.

Shanghai Option

Our Shanghai placements work a little differently. Rather than teaching at an individual partner school, you’ll be employed by a local organisation that will place you in one of its partner schools.

  • School: Public or Private School
  • Position: Foreign English Teacher
  • Schedule: Work at one or multiple schools on different days of the week
  • Accommodation: Not included [will cost roughly 3500RMB/month]
  • Salary: 15,000-16,500 RMB/month (roughly £1900-£2000)
  • Extras: Reimbursement of the visa and legalisation costs. (Reasonably priced) two-way flight reimbursement.

When will you Go?

Whichever option you choose, you’ll start work at the beginning of the school year, in September, with an in-country induction in August

“The China Teaching Experience gave a springboard for my girlfriend and I to come and work in China, while making it possible to ping around and travel SE Asia completely stress free (until covid hit). Overall. If you decide to choose The China Teaching Experience, you'll love it and feel very supported! Go do it!” — Jake

Is China the place for you?

It is if...

  • You’re a native English speaker keen to make a difference in students’ lives by teaching them to speak your language.
  • You’ve got (or will soon have) an undergraduate degree in any subject and are looking for an authentic way to experience Chinese culture.
  • You’re bang up for a real adventure, and you’re ready to commit to a full 10-month placement.
  • You’ve got a clean criminal record and are ready to invest in making your journey happen.

“If I had to explain my China Teaching Experience, I wouldn't need to think long about it. This experience was the best of my life, professionally and personally. When I contacted Travelgrad for the first time, I doubted if my questIons would be answered. Surprisingly, the company owner was very helpful and informative during the process; from the interview until I got the visa, he helped me in every step. Even after I went to China, Andrew regularly contacted me if everything was going well with my job and needed any support, making this company unique to me. Their support and professionalism made me feel at home in a big, foreign country like China.” — Blerim

Your investment

  • 120-hour online TEFL course
  • Full application process assistance (incl. School application, visa process and related documents)
  • Accommodation (in all placements but Shanghai)
  • Post-arrival induction to help you settle in
  • In-country support during your placement
  • Whatsapp group chat access to meet friends from the day you sign up


Your added extras...

You’ll also get access to two exclusive Travel Grad bonuses so you can hit the ground running:

  • Explore the Applicant Portal, where you’ll find tips and travel guides that prepare you for your journey
  • Browse our Lesson Plan Library for ready-made lesson plans you can use, adapt or take teaching inspo from

Flexible & Reassuring Payment Structure

Ease the burden on the bank and your mind by splitting the fee across two equal instalments: the first when you sign up and the second when you sign your employment contract. This is to reassure you that we’ll find you a contract you’re happy with.

And after paying your first instalment, you’ll receive the login details to start your online TEFL. Once completed, this qualification is yours for life!

“TravelGrad was fantastic in helping me to overcome both administrative/bureaucratic barriers and the general anxieties of moving to the other side of the world. The service and support they offered was friendlier and more personal than other providers and made the whole process as smooth as could be.” — Cameron

Ready to kickstart your China Teaching Experience?

Apply today to arrange your interview and become the next Travel Grad to enjoy:

  • A life-changing experience that opens your eyes to a little-understood part of the world
  • Expert support from a team that’s (literally) been in your shoes and knows China inside out
  • A placement at a legit kindergarten, primary or high school that’ll look after, pay and support you
  • Thorough personalised guidance to answer your questions and put your mind at ease, throughout
  • A smooth, supported route into teaching in China with other like-minded graduates


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