Baillie Gifford - Investment Management Graduate Programme

Salary: Competitive plus benefits plus Bonus
Location: Scotland, Edinburgh
Start date: Sep-2017
Sectors: Finance

Imagining the future.

“Personally I find that freedom really energising. I would say that the job is 50% talking to people and 50% being on my own, thinking and writing research papers.  During my time here I have attended conferences and reported on insights, researched in-depth academic articles and met with senior company directors in Stockholm, Paris, London and China.”

Dora Buckulcikova - Investment Analyst  

Create the ideas, concepts and solutions that will drive future development. Use your curiosity, imagination and individual thinking to explore new possibilities and opportunities. Welcome to Baillie Gifford – and a group of people who think like you. A team of 900+ individuals, based in Edinburgh, who shape the future of this leading global investment management firm. Join our Investment Management graduate programme and shape your future too.

We look to buy stakes in companies that have the potential to grow significantly over the long-term – and our track record has proved our ability to seek out and invest in businesses that change the way the world looks - like Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Tesla, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Alibaba and Ocado for example. In other words, we put a high value on innovative thinkers – and that’s as true of our colleagues just as much as the companies we work with.



You’re our ultimate investment.

“There’s no such thing as typical day, and we work in very much a self-directed way.  At the moment I’m looking into a company developing antibodies for cancer.  It’s involved reading annual reports, setting up a call with an industry expert, researching various scientific papers online.  I find it fascinating.”

Paulina Sliwinska - Investment Analyst

At Baillie Gifford, your intellectual curiosity and individual thinking are two qualities that will be highly valued. After all, you’ll be imagining what the future of the world will look like - and which companies will take us there.

You’ll research those companies from every possible angle - politics, people, culture, geography and many other factors that could impact on their performance and success. Then you will bring all of that information together into a cohesive study report that sparks discussion and debate.

For us, it’s about building the detailed picture we need to ascertain the long-term value of a potential investment. For you, it’s about using your creativity, imagination and inquisitive nature to unearth new discoveries and insights.

In our experience, graduates benefit most from on-the-job training. Learning from some of the most experienced investors in the UK means that you’re constantly absorbing fresh streams of information and knowledge. This will be complemented by tailored courses and professional qualifications.

In your first three weeks, you’ll learn the basics of investment analysis and gain a general introduction to the firm and our clients.

You’ll spend your first year with a single team, learning about its specialism, before rotating to another team. During this time, you’ll also work towards CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1 and IMC (Investment Management Certificate) qualifications with full support from us, including registration payment, materials and time to study.

In years two and three you’ll have the option to continue with CFA Levels 2 and 3, again with full support. Each year you’ll rotate to a new team, gaining a broad view of the different investments and geographies we work in.


This role’s about intellectual challenge

“Although you need a basic level of numeracy, the role is not focused wholly on data and statistics. What matters is that you have the personality and communication skills to deal with different kinds of people. Can you ask intelligent questions? Do you engage your brain and answer with articulated reasoned argument and avoid cliché?”

Sarah Whitley - Partner

You’ll be discussing your thoughts with some of the brightest minds in the industry and meeting business people who have the potential to change the world. You have to be able to think clearly as people will challenge your opinions. 

We’re looking for the brightest minds from any academic background. In terms of your degree subject, we’re completely open-minded and we actively encourage applications from graduates with an Arts, Humanities or Science degree. Our three-year programme will provide you with all the technical skills you need to become an Investment Analyst.

What’s important is that you have the enthusiasm and confidence to make an effective contribution from day one. After all, we’ll see you as a full member of our team from the moment you join us. 

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