Internships in 2019

Work experience can be essential when applying for graduate jobs or graduate schemes. An internship or placement in 2019 is the perfect way to show employers passion, potential and skills.

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Why everyone should get an internship in 2019

Graduates with work experience or an internship are top of the pile when employers consider graduate applications. Internships are an integral part of an applicant's case when they apply to start their careers.

Internships and placements help students and graduates decide what they would like to do and what they wouldn't. Internships are a way of committing to a job role for a short period of time and learning whether it would suit for the long term.

Larger organisations also utilise internships and placements as extended interviews. They allow companies to assess whether the intern or placement student is a suitable fit for the organisation and students can ascertain the same.

What's new with internships in 2019

Internships continue to grow and become an essential part of a graduate's career path. Despite the decrease in the number of interns at top graduate employers in 2017, internships have grown for six of the last seven years. In fact, in the same report High Fliers Research expects three-quarters of the top graduate employers to offer an internship programme and three-fifths to offer industrial placements.

Employers now offer more internships to first years. High Fliers Research reports over a quarter of the top employers offer introductory courses, open days and taster opportunities to attract students earlier in their academic careers.

Where can I find an internship, summer internship or work placement for 2019?

The application period for internships, summer internships and work placements traditionally runs between October and January, but sometimes longer. Employers look to have interns secured in vacancies by the middle of spring for the upcoming summer. Some companies will close their internship and placement opportunities early so applications should be submitted as early as possible.

Internship and placement application processes are usually very similar to the normal graduate job process. Hopeful interns will submit an online application before they undertake a mixture of phone interviews, assessment centres, psychometric testing and one-on-one interviews.

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