Internships & Work Placements 2018

In 2018, the need for students and graduates to have work experience is higher than ever. There is no better way to show potential employers this than having undertaken an internship or work placement. The graduate job market is competitive and Internships and Work Placements are the perfect way to get ahead of the crowd.

Internships in 2018

There are many reasons why graduates and students should be proactive in getting some work experience or an internship. Internships and extended periods of work experience, like a work placement, are becoming almost vital in the graduate job hunt and can really impress employers. They want to see student and graduate applicants with experience and know they can make an instant impact when they start.

Applying for an internship itself can be problematic. The key thing to impress upon employers and companies when looking for an internship or work placement in 2018 is passion for the sector, role or organisation. Employers are offering chances to learn and work at these companies, they want to offer it to someone that is not only suitable, but also will make the most of the opportunity.

It was revealed in early 2018 that the big graduate employers were offering more and more internship and work experience opportunities. In fact, according to High Fliers, it was around four fifths of graduate employers that were offering the chance to work and learn with them. What's more is that High Fliers also found out that a third of full time vacancies at these top 100 graduate employers were taken by previous interns and those who'd undertake a placement or work experience at the company.

If a student or graduate undertakes an internship or work placement in 2018, they will start to explore the possibilities that lay before them. One of the understated benefits of an internship or work placement is that it gives students and graduates a taste of what the working world, and that specific career, might be like. For some it might show them the career is not for them, while for others it can be added inspiration for pursuing that dream.

2018 is an important year for students and graduates to get some experience and really boost their chances of getting their careers started. Internships and work placements, no matter how long, can add so much weight to an application to a graduate scheme or graduate job.