Graduate Schemes 2017

Graduate Schemes starting in 2017 are now open. See what’s available and start submitting applications today.

What is a Graduate Scheme?

A graduate scheme or graduate programme is a period of employment which typically lasts between one and three years. During this period graduates receive all the necessary training, including professional qualifications, to begin their careers. Graduates are employed in batches of anything from 10 graduates to 100 depending on the company.

After the training period, graduates are usually offered a full time role.

When to apply to a Graduate Scheme?

Employers who are running graduate schemes in 2017 want students to apply at the start of their final year, normally between September and the New Year. If they are successful, students will start their graduate scheme in the September 2017.

Most employers still accept applications from people who have already graduated, but will specify in their graduate scheme job description if they want applications from current students.

When do Graduate Schemes open?

The traditional graduate scheme application period is between September and December. Employers then review, assess and interview applicants during the spring with a view for successful graduates to start in September 2017.

Some companies are strict with their recruitment calendar, but many employers in 2016 and 2017 are now moving towards all-year recruitment. Graduates should be on the ball and submit applications as soon as possible.

When do Graduate Schemes start?

Traditionally, graduate schemes will begin in September 2017 after students finish their studies earlier in the year. Those accepted onto graduate schemes can expect to receive support before their first day and companies sometimes run induction days to ease graduates into the company.

Employers who operate all-year recruitment calendars may have several start dates throughout the year and usually help accommodate start dates upon request.

How to apply to a Graduate Scheme?

The application process for graduate schemes or graduate programmes is very straightforward. It frequently begins with a long application form including education history and relevant work experience, as well as motivations for applying for that specific career.

On many occasions graduates are invited to undertake online tests. For example, the Civil Service Fast Stream uses a range of psychometric testing to find the right applicants. After this, graduate scheme applications involve a mixture of assessment days, telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews.

Graduate schemes and graduate programmes come in all shapes and sizes and may not suit everyone. Submit an application early to be in the best position to land a place on a graduate scheme. Competition can be fierce for places so don’t give up if early applications are not successful.