Graduate Schemes 2016

The following graduate schemes all have job start dates in 2016 and are accepting applications right now.

When to apply

Graduate Scheme openings can come and go before you knew they were open, so it is important that you are on the ball when it comes round to applying. The typical times to apply for Graduate Schemes in 2016 are between September and October time and they often close around the turn of the year. This is becoming less traditional as more employers opt to move to a rolling employment approach, taking on graduates all year round. However, this period is not to be missed for graduates looking to get into certain careers.

After this period of accepting applicants for 2016 Graduate Schemes, employers traditionally look to sift through applications during the first few months of the New Year. Whether this includes online tests, telephone interview, assessment centres and much more, they will begin to whittle down their applicants before their finals and dissertation hand-ins.

One thing to remember about applying to graduate schemes for 2016 is that they are always highly competitive. Recent years have seen an industry wide increase in companies taking on more graduates each year, however Schemes often receive hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications so it is important they graduates attempt to stand out from the crowd and really sell themselves to employers.

Ways to improve your Graduate Scheme application in 2016

In order to give yourself the best chance at the application stage try and differentiate yourself from other applications by demonstrating your employability and suitability for the role. This can be done in a number of ways other than just getting a good degree.

  • Experience - Employers love to see graduates that have some form of work place experience. Whether this is an internship or a part time job that has transferable skills to the role you are applying to, employers like to see graduates that can not only hold down a position but also hit the ground running.
  • Volunteering and Extracurricular - Volunteering and Extracurricular activities are an excellent way to show employers your enthusiasm and devotion for a particular area of interest. This could be working on the student newspaper, organising the Cheese and Wine society at university or volunteering for a cause or charity. Employers always look kindly on proactivity from their applicants. Enactus are a fantastic organisation that allow students to their entrepreneurial skills to good causes.
  • Research and Knowledge - The volume of graduate scheme applications can be partly put down to the initial panic of final year students blindly firing off CVs and Applications when they realise their time at university is finite. How long does the scheme last? Is it rotational or focused in one department? Are professional qualifications on offer? If graduates can show they've put their research into the Graduate Scheme and understand the company comprehensively they will show the employer they are serious about joining the scheme for its duration.

The opportunity to apply for Graduates Schemes in 2016 can be limited, so graduates need to ensure they are quick with their applications and do not wait until the deadline. It is not unknown for employers to close applications before their stated deadline so don't delay. So get ready and get applying for graduate schemes in 2016.