Jobs for Masters students

Approaching the graduate job market with a Masters degree can put people ahead of pack and can really impress employers. Having a Masters degree shows employers a commitment to furthering their education and a higher level of understanding which can be vital in the race to land that graduate job.

Getting a job with a Masters

When applying for jobs, having an MA, an MSc, MEng or even an MRes after their name, instead of the run of the mill BA or BSc, can really set Postgraduates apart from the crowd and show employers they are an even more desirable prospect. Having undertaken a Masters degree to further better themselves, Masters graduates are incredibly sought after in the hunt for talent by employers.

In some fields the possession of a Masters degree is absolutely vital. For some roles in Engineering, Energy and Utilities or Science and Technology, a Masters level of understanding is a prerequisite for some roles. This is usually due to the complex and sometimes dangerous nature of the responsibilities in certain roles, which require only those with high levels of understanding to undertake.

As for other, non-vocational or technical postgraduates, their degree demonstrates a higher understanding also, even if it does not directly relate to specific career. Much of this depends on the area of study at postgraduate level. Many Masters courses tend to be more specific than generic degrees and these can really lend themselves to getting started in particular careers. For example, some Masters degrees may focus on particular areas of Accounting or focus on Journalistic training.

Employers like postgraduates and this is evident from the better employment statistics that postgraduates enjoy in the working world. This has been seen both in the short term and the long term. Statistics over the years have seen postgraduates ahead of Bachelors graduates in employment rates, however this could be explained by the Masters degrees being used as opportunities to prepare for a specific career or receive training for a particular role.

One thing that should be remembered if someone is considering or has already completed a Masters degree is that it's not a golden ticket. Although they can demonstrate a higher level of learning and understanding, usually in relation to a specific career path, this does not guarantee a job straight away. Graduates and Postgraduates still need to be suitable for particular positions and having studied for an extra year or so at university will not always guarantee this.

Jobs preferring a Masters degree