Composing a great advert


Composing a great entry

Great ads attract the best candidates. Here are a few tips for creating those memorable ads. Think of your posting as an advertisement. The more inviting and informative it is, the better the response. Good ads get results! Here are some helpful tips…

General hints

Refrain from creating job titles and job descriptions containing text like, "Great opportunity in..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" this devalues the opportunity for candidates, and has a "get rich quick" approach which is usually not what people want.

Remember, candidates on the whole are looking for long-term, career building entry positions that allow them to use some of the skills they have used whilst at School, College or University. You should therefore tailor your adverts to emphasise the points within your job which demonstrate these factors.


The more descriptive the better. Applicants see the job title when they search so make sure it's as descriptive and enticing as possible. If possible include the job location and your company name.

Example: Trainee European Marketing Manager, London, IBM


Use this field to include keyword tags related to your role which are not mentioned in the job description itself.

Example: Manchester, Salford, Bolton, Trainee Account Manager, Sales, Business Development

Job detail

Keep it brief, candid and informative.

Example: ABC Company, an international provider of consulting and contract services, has positions available with clients throughout the UK., and speciality positions worldwide. Our fast-paced marketing sector has an immediate need for competent, hands-on, recently graduated candidates with knowledge of marketing to youth sectors.


Be specific.

Example: Prefer an independent self-starter. No formal experience necessary but the ability to demonstrate creativity and a flair for marketing communication will be an advantage. Hands-on experience with the Internet would also be beneficial. You will represent the company as a diplomatic, people-oriented team player and also function as an advocate for the client to help ensure integration, success and job satisfaction.

Make sure you include the following:

  • Start Date
  • Degree classification required
  • Experience / Skills Required
  • Location
  • Salary

Salary Description

We advise where possible to state a salary rather than using 'competitive'. If its not company policy to list specific salaries we suggest that you list a salary range for example £21,000 - £23,000. We tend to find that the more detailed the information describing the role the better the response.

Filtering Questions

We provide the facility to include filtering questions with your job posts. Candidates must answer the questions with a "yes" or "no" response before they apply for the role. Make use of filtering question to improve the quality of your applications. Typical filtering questions include:

  • Are you authorised to work in the UK without time or VISA restrictions?
  • Are to able to commute or relocate to [location]?
  • Do you have a 2:1 or above in [degree subject] or related subject?
  • Do you have 12 months work experience in [role] or similar?
  • Do you have full UK driving license?


Your contact details will be extracted from the information you provided at registration, so make sure they are correct!