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My Profile

How to set a profile to view your own personalised job selection.


Tips on the best use of keywords when searching for jobs.

Careers Service Addresses

A definitive list of University careers service addresses.

Graduate jobs and the Credit Crunch

Your guide to graduate jobs, the credit crunch and recession.

Careers in Market Research

All you need to know about a little known but popular sector.

How to find a graduate job

A few gems brought to you from the team.

Graduate Training Schemes

The quick guide.

Graduate Careers UK

The real guide to your career.

Graduate Gap Year

Thoughts and suggestions for your year out.

Internships and Work Placements

Can't get a job without experience...can't get experience without a job!

Advice - Graduate Assessments

The assessment centre - A daunting task or walk in the park?

Case Study - Electrical Engineering

Graduate Electrical Engineer - My time as an Electrical Engineer placement student at Corus

Case Study - HR Placement

A Day in the life of a HR placement student at Corus

Case Study - Working in Logistics

Working in Logistics - Ben Huskisson - Corus Logistics Graduate

Recruiter help

Advertising jobs on

Tips on creating great job adverts to appear on


An explanation of the terms used on