- in a nutshell

We have created this 'in a nutshell' guide to help you understand who we are in a quick one page guide.

Job posting:

Jobs can be personalised to graduates by industry sector and can be posted immediately to the site using an online form. Jobs are sent via email to all matching graduates in our standard weekly job update promotion. Jobs can appear live on the site from 7 days and upwards, and can be edited or deleted at any point during this time. Applications go directly to any designated person via email, or to a specified URL. Please call 0203 886 0160 for more information.

CV Searching:

CVs can be searched by any combination of keyword, industry sector, University, degree course, location and graduation date. We also provide the ability to view the latest 50 CVs by industry sector. Unique to we allow recruiters to remove graduates from the CV database to ensure that the database contains the most up to date information. For more details, please call 0203 886 0160 to test search the CV database.


Minisites allow companies a continued presence on the site to promote their graduate recruitment scheme. The minisite package includes a bespoke flash title header, direct applications from graduates, and promotion by email shot. To view a sample minisite, please click below:
View a sample minisite

Banner advertising:

Banner advertising is available in a variety of flavours including mini banners, large banners, MPUs and Skyscrapers. Banners appear in a number of different locations on the site. For more details about banner advertising call 0203 886 0160.

HTML Email eshot promotions:

HTML email eshot promotions significantly improve the quality and volume response to campaigns. We additionally provide a full response report and link analysis. Please call 0203 886 0160 for more information.

Site statistics: currently generates 1,930,000 page impressions per month (page impressions NOT hits - hits are misleading), and is one of the leading graduate recruitment websites in the UK.

Unique users:

Graduates: 746,800
Recruiters: 7,763