Take a risk

Taking Risks

Find a job

The biggest hurdle facing graduates is standing out from the crowd. The graduate market is competitive and over-saturated with newly-graduated hopefuls looking to begin their career. Your academic qualifications and work experience simply may not be enough to get you noticed.

So what can you do? Take risks, and be bold in your approach. You need to make sure you have a lock on your Personal Brand, a goal, and an idea of how to get there.

Take risks, and be bold in your approach.

The internet is a great resource for building up a professional persona, and taking the time to do this can really make you stand out from other graduates. You can list your activites on your CV, or detail their relevance on your covering letter.

These are the things that will show employers why you are the person to take their company forward. You've got to throw yourself into the deep end sometimes in order to stand out, get your graduate job, and get your career started.

It is ill-advised to wait for your perfect job to find you - it won't. But if you have a dream job, don't let the idea fade. Take great strides to get there. It may not be a straight path, but you've got to give it a shot or you'll regret not trying.

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