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  • Accounting and Finance
    You can learn new concepts and gain knowledge in Accounting and/or Finance that you never knew existed by completing a postgraduate course in the subject. Obviously, with greater knowledge in a subject area come additional skills that will be beneficial in the working world such as a greater ability to make financial decisions.
  • Art and Design
    A postgraduate course in Art and Design ranges from painting to photography, videography and digital animation. If you have more than just an artistic streak in you but a passion and talent for being creative have a look at the art and design orientated postgraduate courses.
  • Business and Management
    Managing a business is one of the most demanding roles a person can have. A lot of responsibility rests with the person in charge of a business, the person calling the shots. For that reason, businesses like to know that the people in charge is properly qualified, the more knowledge they have concerning business, the better.
  • Classics and Humanities
    Taking a classic subject to the next level can be a rewarding experience and is especially beneficial if you wish to pursue an academic career.
  • Computer Science & IT
    To employers, the more you know in the field of computing the better and the best way of expanding your understanding of the subject is with a postgraduate degree in the subject.
  • Construction and Planning
    Construction and town planning are essential to any urban area and a postgraduate course in either can lead you well on the way to a career in the field.
  • Education
    You may have received a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the subject area you want to teach but now you need to get your teaching qualification. We can help you!
  • Engineering
    Many employers of Engineers appreciate the more acute knowledge a postgraduate degree gives its students. Opportunities become available which require the apprehension of engineering that only a postgraduate course can offer.
  • Environment & Conservation
    Environment and conservation is an area of study that crosses an array of fields that an undergraduate degree doesn’t necessarily cover to a sufficient extent. A postgraduate course in an environment based subject can make all the difference if you wish to get into such profession.
  • Languages
    With a postgraduate degree in Languages you can expand your linguistic abilities and have those extra opportunities opened to you.
  • Law
    Postgraduate courses in Law can offer benefits to two kinds of people; those who have already completed a bachelor's in Law and wish to continue their studies onto a higher, more respected level such as a Master's, and those who did a different subject and wish to work in the Law industry by completing a conversion course.
  • Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality
    A postgraduate degree in Leisure, Tourism and/or Hospitality allows you to build competencies that are vital for a career in a related industry. Understanding and communicating with other cultures is key to any leisure, tourism and hospitality postgraduate course, other highly useful abilities learnt would be management skills such as strategical thinking and employee administration.
  • Media
    Known to be one of the more competitive industries, a career in media requires something to set you above the rest. If it's learning how to use various editing suites or juggling statistics and data for advertisers a postgraduate course in media can give you that edge when applying for a job.
  • Medicine
    In order to pursue various career paths in the health industry it is often essential to complete a postgraduate course of some kind.
  • Science
    With industries now requiring more knowledgeable and area focused scientists, a postgraduate degree can provide the right footing to step up to the first rung of the scientific career ladder.

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