Blackjack and the Old Bill- #UndertheRadar


Blackjack and the Old Bill - #UndertheRadar

It is so easy to find yourself lost in streams of jobs and opportunities. Graduates using job boards can easily glaze over when aimlessly scrolling down lists. It happens to the best of us. However, never fear, I've kept my beady eye out for some corkers this week. So with out further interruptions, here are the best five jobs of the last week that you may have missed.

5. Faccenda - Operational Graduate Scheme

graduate jobs What you need to know: Based across the UK, £24,000 and working with turkey and chicken products.
What you need to show: Leadership, initiative, great communication and mobility.

Faccenda is one of the UK's biggest FMCG companies, working with turkey and chicken produce. They are offering a three year scheme for 2.1 or above graduates to learn everything there is to know about working in food industry. However, the main focus will be providing graduates with a range of experiences and challenges to become fantastic managers and leaders.

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4. Genting Casinos - Graduate Finance Analysts

What you need to know: Based in Birmingham, £20,000 and working in the Operations Finance Team.
What you need to show: Business, Finance and Maths related degree, strong analytical capabilities and a positive and flexible attitude.

Genting Casinos operates a chain of around 40 casinos in the UK and is looking for graduates to join them in Birmingham as part of their Operations Finance Team. The aim of the graduate's role is to add value and provide insight into the way that Genting Casinos is run. Part of the work that graduates will be the production of detailed daily, weekly and monthly performance reports with regards to specific focus on areas of income.

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3. Essex Police - Fast track Police Inspector

What you need to know: 3 year fast-track development scheme, based in Essex and £21,000-£22,000.
What you need to show: Be able tackle danger head on and justify your actions.

Essex Police are looking to recruit graduates to their Fast Track Police Inspector role where graduates are introduced to policing through a mix of classroom elements delivered at regional training centres and operational training and development in the force. Graduates might find the opportunity sweetened further by the possibility of pay rising to £47,256 within three years.

This opportunity is also available in Kent.

2. Web Designer - 15 Marketing

What you need to know: Based in Radlett, for an online gaming company £22,000.
What you need to show: Creativity, innovation and excellent web development skills.

15 Marketing are looking for an gifted web developer to join their team in Radlett. Some of the duties that the successful applicant will be trusted with include: requirements/projects, creating website designs, demonstrating and receiving feedback about draft sites, keeping up-to-date with recent technological and software developments. 15 Marketing want a web designer who is brimming with fresh ideas and creative approaches to web development.

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1. Biomedical Catalyst Evaluation Project - Intern

What you need to know: 3 month project, research on behalf of the BMC.
What you need to show: Organisational skills, ability to work as part of a team and specific experience in one or more aspects of healthcare innovation.

This is a unique opportunity for graduates wanting to pursue a career in the health sector. This is the chance for an inquisitive graduate to spend three months assisting with the research being undertaken. As the project is research heavy, graduates are expected to have experience in in one or more aspects of healthcare innovation and experience of seeking out and analysing data from a variety of sources and producing reports/ recommendations.

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