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Cerner - Technical Analyst

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Technical Analyst

4.6 / 5 added 14 November 2013
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Interview process

I applied through a recruiter and the process took about 2+ weeks. I began with applying through one of the recruiting agencies and then someone got in touch with me. I was then told that I had made it through to the final interview which was a 3-4 hours interview at their Paddington office with 3 people. One of them being HR, another one was a senior manager and some other person who asked me behavioural questions. The interview began with the first person asking me about myself; about how I found out Cerner and what do I know about them. I had over researched the company and the person was really impressed with my knowledge. I had also done my final year project on healthcare industry which is what they do, hence that made a good impression on the interviewers as well. It lasted for 45 minutes and then I was given a short break before I could go to the next person.
The second person was HR who was interested in my background, my interests alongside competency based questions etc. This interview lasted for about 30 minutes, where I had to provide my details such as nationality, right to work etc.
The final interview was with the senior manager who asked me about my academic background, my employment history and all the technical questions. This covered transferrable skills, interpersonal skills etc. I used STAR technique for most of the answers and related the examples back to my experience. This interview lasted for about 50 minutes I think, and then I was told that recruitment agency will get in touch in about two weeks. Hence,
To add to that, all three of them gave me an overview of the company from their perspective and that was an interesting aspect as it differed for each of them.

Most difficult question

Describe a difficult decision and how you made it.

Interview tips

I used STAR techniques for most of the answers, make sure you use it as it gives them the impression that you analyse each situation you have been through in your career/life and that you understand how you would go about solving it if you faced it again. Another thing is don't panic if you don't know something, just say you don't know. We are graduates with no experience or may be one year if you do placement, so they don't expect us to know everything.What they do expect is that you should be capable of and eager to learn new skills.

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Interview Details

Date: November 2013
Sector: Computing & IT
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